How To Create A Windows 7 System Image

Windows 7 comes with a useful backup tool through which it is possible to create an entire system image. This can be used to quickly restore Windows instead of installing it fresh and then customizing it.

To create a system image of Windows 7 :

1. Open Control Panel and select “Backup and Restore”.

Windows 7 Backup and Restore

2. Click on “Create a system image”.

Selecting option of creating a Windows 7 system image

3. This will show the possible places where the system image to be created be stored like an external hard drive, DVDs or even network shares if available. Choose the appropriate option and click Next.

Choosing the available storage media for the system image

4. Select the drives that need to be included for making the system image. Make sure that there is enough free space available on the storage media where the image will be stored and hit Next.

Selecting the system drives to be included in making the Windows 7 system image

5. Confirm the selected choices to start the process.

Finalizing choices

6. Near completion, there will be an option of whether to create a system repair disc or not. Click No since it can be created later.

Option of whether to create a system repair disc

Finished Windows 7 image backup


7. Once the system image is created, verify it on the media where it was made.

Verifying if the Windows 7 image has been created on selected media


All done. From now on, in case of a Windows crash, simply restore using this created system image. 🙂