How To Install And Use Skype In Linux Mint /Ubuntu

The popular Internet video and audio messenger Skype is available for Linux Mint / Ubuntu too.

Here is how to quickly install and use it :

1. Open Terminal in Linux Mint / Ubuntu and type :

sudo apt-get install skype

Installing Skype in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

2. Once installed, it will show up in the Applications > Internet section.

Installed Skype application in Linux Mint menu

3. Launch Skype and sign in with user name and password as usual.

Skype main window

4. Once logged in, you can change various preferences for Skype by clicking the small “S” button at the bottom left of the window.

Active login to Skype in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Skype options

This will allow to set various options like changing online status to customizing Skype preferences.

Happy Skype-ing.

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