How To Quickly Find Out If Current Windows System Can Be Upgraded To 64-Bit Version

With so many high end games out there, chances are you would have considered installing 64-bit Windows in place of the current 32-bit version for better use of RAM as well as efficient usage of applications if a lot of multitasking is the daily norm.

Here is a quick way to find out if whether the current Windows 7 system supports the upgrade to 64-bit or not :

1. Open Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools.

Control Panel in Windows 7

2. Left click on “View and print detailed performance and system information”.

System check

3. Scroll down to the System section and check if there is a “Yes” next to option “64-bit capable”.

System assessment report

Alternatively, for more detailed assessment especially if current Windows system is XP, download and run the Windows Upgrade advisor. Get it from here.

Win 7 upgrade advisor

This will check thoroughly for any potential issues that may crop up when installing Windows 7 (assuming an upgrade is being considered from XP). Click on the 64-bit report to find out if upgrade is supported or not along with issues if any that need to be resolved first.

64-bit report in Windows 7 upgrade advisor

Happy upgrading.

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