How To Manage Pop-ups In Mozilla Firefox

Pop-up windows can be distracting when surfing websites. Though there are many add-ons in Firefox to block pop-ups, a simple built-in option can manage and block pop-ups pretty well.

To do this :

1. Open Firefox and select Tools > Options.

Firefox options

2. Navigate to the Content tab and make sure “Block pop-up windows” is checked. Some legit sites however still use pop-up windows for asking user credentials or for important announcements and such. To add these, hit “Exceptions” and enter the website address. Then click “Allow”.

Pop-up settings in Firefox

Exceptions to pop-ups in Firefox

3. These sites will now be the ones in exception list which means only pop-ups from these will be allowed while pop-ups from all the other sites not on the list will be blocked.

Happy surfing.

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