How To Quickly Free Up Disk Space In Windows

Windows come with an in-built disk cleanup tool which is effective in removing unwanted files and reclaim that space till an extent.

To launch this disk cleanup tool :

1. Click on the Windows orb and type “disk cleanup”, click the first option that shows up.

Launch disk cleanup in Windows

2. Select the disk partition which needs to be clean up and click Ok.

Select disk partition or disk

3. Wait for a while while the tool calculates how much space can be freed up and which files can be removed. For seeing which files will be deleted, select the appropriate ones and click on “View Files”.

Removing unwanted files and freeing up disk space

What this tool does is cleans up all temp files, files in recycle bin as well as program cache quickly and freeing up space. This is a quick  way of freeing up disk space without using any third party applications.

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