How To Quickly Access Frequently Used Programs From Windows Start Menu

Often when using the Start menu in Windows to access a program frequently, it is time saving and convenient to simply either put a shortcut of it on the desktop or the taskbar. However if that is not possible or desirable, then another way is to simply make it appear on the top of Start menu by “pinning” it.

To do this :

1. Drill down to the application or program that needs to be pinned on Start menu (Notepad ++ in this example).

2. Right click on it and select ” Pin to Start Menu”.

Selecting the application or program to be pinned to Windows Start Menu

3. Now click the Start Menu, this pinned application will be on top above the fold and with other applications which have been pinned earlier if any.

Pinned application on Start Menu

Once pinned, all it takes is one click to bring up Start menu and launch the application from the pinned list at the very top.


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