How To Open A Specific Port In Windows Firewall

Sometimes it becomes necessary to manually open a port so that a program can work properly when Windows Firewall is active.

Note : Only open ports manually when really needed since most programs are recognized and adjusted for settings automatically by Windows Firewall.

To do this  :

1. Open Control Panel > Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall in Control Panel

2. Select Advanced settings.

Selecting Advanced settings in Windows Firewall

3. In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security pane, select  Inbound rules from the section “View and create firewall rules”.

Creating inbound rules in Windows Firewall

4. Then select New Rule.

New rule in Windows Firewall

5. This will bring up a wizard, since we want to open specific ports, select Port.

New inbound rule wizard in Windows Firewall

6. Enter the port type and port range or a single port number as required.

Specifying port type and port number

7. Select Allow the connection.

Connection settings for new inbound Windows Firewall rule

8. Choose either Domain, Private or Public as needed.

Rule application settings

9. Finally, name the new rule and hit Finish.

Naming the new inbound connection rule in Windows Firewall


Basically, this wizard has configured the port specific rules alongwith additional security settings, like a profile for specific port that we wanted to open.





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