How To Listen To Random Online Music Using Google Chrome

Shuffler is a cool application for Google Chrome that allows you to pick your favorite music genre and then load random songs from that genre by searching all the music blogs on the Internet.

Install it from the Chrome web store here.

Install Shuffler from Chrome web store

Once installed, launch it by left clicking installed icon :

Installed Shuffler app

This will bring up a new tab which directly takes you to from where you can select any genre like rock, pop, folk and others.

Selecting genre in Shuffler

Now the fun begins, related music blogs of the selected genre will load and play tracks and you can always select the Next track or change the genre as and when required.

Music blog of selected genre using Shuffler

Basically what Shuffler does is aggregate all the music blogs and loads their music depending on the genre selected without the use of any external application which is pretty cool, like an aggregator of music blogs. It also has the option of directory search where one can search for specific artists or tracks.

Happy listening !

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