How To Easily Backup Data Online Using AngryFile

AngryFile is a very lightweight online backup solution which makes it simple to backup and restore selected files and folders.

To get started, first sign up for a free account (free accounts have a limit of 1GB of data storage, paid accounts start with 25GB of disk space with an addition of 1GB every month to it, all for $5 / month ) :

Sign up for free AngryFile account


Then download the backup client from here. The client has no restrictions and can work on any number of computers as needed.

Once downloaded and installed, login to the backup client using the registered account details :

Login to AngryFile backup client


The interface is very light and easy to use. To backup, simply provide the path of files and folders from the local system which need to be backed up, then hit “Save & Backup” for backup to start :

Choosing files and folders to be backed up using AngryFile

At any time, right clicking on the system tray icon of AngryFile backup client allows you to run the backup, restore it or skip the next backup if needed.

AngryFile backup client options

Restoring the backed up files is easy too, select the Restore option by right clicking the system tray icon, specify what files and folders need to be restored alongwith the destination path where they should be restored.

Restoring files and folders in AngryFiles

Restoration complete

The cool thing about AngryFile is that it will run in the background and will monitor the changes to backed up files and transmit only those changes for backing up, plus the encryption locally for the data being backed up is 256 AES which when backed up online uses an additional 128 bit SSL encryption  making it pretty secure. All of this is done silently in the background with no complex configuration or settings required from the user end.

Happy backing up.





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