How To Convert Restricted PDF Files To Word Documents

PDF To Word Converter is an easy to use free application that makes it easy to convert PDF files to editable Microsoft Word format.

Download it from here.

Once downloaded and installed, from the main interface, add the PDF files that need to be converted to Word format as shown, then hit the green arrow or “Start converting now” button :

Converting PDF documents to Word format

By default, the output files will be stored in C:\PDFToWordConverter\output but this can be changed to any specified folder.

Converted Word documents

The cool thing about this application is that it can convert restricted PDF files which otherwise can’t be edited to different formats. It does this by detecting the restricted  PDF files and first automatically decrypting them, then converting to Word format while preserving accuracy.

Overall, easy to use and lightweight application that supports processing multiple PDF files to Word format, all of this for free. 🙂


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