How To Quickly Free Up Disk Space In Windows

Windows come with an in-built disk cleanup tool which is effective in removing unwanted files and reclaim that space till an extent. To launch this disk cleanup tool : 1. Click on the Windows orb and type “disk cleanup”, click the first option that shows up. 2. Select the disk partition which needs to be clean up and click Ok. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 3....

Geek Breakup Explained

Geek breakup explained
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A Windows Error Message That You Won’t See

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How To Quickly Get Detailed Info Of Core System Components

It is helpful to have detailed information regarding CPU, mainboard, memory that can be referred to when upgrading the system or for simply troubleshooting. CPU-Z is a cool freeware app that shows detailed info about all these very quickly. Download it from here. There is nothing much to install, simply run the executable file that is CPU-Z. Click on various tabs and all the detailed info regarding...

Cool T-Shirt

Cool T-shirt
Here’s a cool t-shirt:

How To Monitor Your System Resources In Real Time In Windows

Thilmera 7
Here’s how to monitor your system resources in real time in Windows: 1. Go to and click on ‘Download from Softpedia’. 2. Extract the contents of the downloaded ‘’ and double click ‘thilmera7en.exe’ to start the application. 3. The application will appear as a floating window on your desktop and will show system parameters like CPU...