Real Life Angry Birds

Real life angry birds lol
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Geeky Parenting Fail

Geeky Parenting Fail
Geeky parenting fail! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});  

How To Test A Multipart Archive In Windows

Testing a multipart archive in Windows
Here’s how to test a multipart archive in Windows: 1. Download and install IZArc on your system. 2. Navigate to the folder where the multipart archive is located – 3. Right click on the first part of the archive and select ‘IZArc>Test’. 4. IZArc will start testing the archive and will show you the output of the test. By scrolling the log you can identify which file / part...

Deep Understanding Vs Laziness

Deep understanding vs laziness
They both look the same. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

How To Quickly Know Various DirectX Details Of A Windows PC

DirectX is used when playing PC games and chances are that many gaming issues crop up either because DirectX installed is outdated or isn’t supporting hardware. Here is a quick way to note down all the details related to DirectX installed on your system (like the DirectX version, audio and video info of hardware, issues if any related to the same etc) in a text document which can be saved for...