How To Quickly Grab And Edit Screen Captures Using Mozilla Firefox

Pixlr Grabber is a very cool Firefox add-on which makes it possible to take screenshots of entire webpages or selected region with just a right click and also allows to edit the taken screen captures using a free online image editor.

To install it, download it from here.

Pixlr Grabber Firefox add-on

Once installed, to grab a specific webpage or a region for screenshot, right click and select Grab. This brings up various options of selecting an entire page, defined area or a visible part.

Basic screen grab options in Pixlr Grabber

For more advanced options, select the Tools > Pixlr Grabber menu which allows access to Pixl, Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express.

Pixlr Grabber options

For taking a screen capture of a selected region, select the option of “Grab a defined area” which will bring up the rectangle box for specific region as shown below :

Region to be grabbed using Pixlr Grabber

Once the specific region is selected for grabbing, hit the Crop option which will bring up the following choices :

Options after selecting grabbed region or page using Pixlr Grabber

Choosing the edit option will open a new window where the grabbed screenshot is opened in an online image editor within the browser which is very cool :

Pixlr Editor

Choosing the “Share” option will bring up which is an online image sharing tool :

Pixlr Grabbr image sharing

This is an extremely useful screen grabbing add-on which is lightweight and also serves the purpose of quickly taking screenshots as and when needed without using any external application.


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