How To Install And Use Traceroute In Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal

Traceroute utility which in Windows ((Start > Run >cmd and tracert ) is used to test network connectivity to a website or check the overall network path taken for reaching a website or network resource is not available for Terminal by default in Linux Mint / Ubuntu .

To use the existing traceroute tool in Linux Mint / Ubuntu :

1. Go to System > Administration > Network Tools.

2. Enter the name of website which you wish to trace the network path to.

Network tools in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

However, to do this same thing quickly and from the Terminal, first we need to install traceroute  by typing :

sudo apt-get install traceroute

Installing traceroute in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Once installed, simply type :

traceroute websiteaddress

Traceroute in Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal

All done. From now on, to test network issues or check anything related to network connectivity, simply fire up Terminal and use traceroute to get an idea of what is happening.

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