Dumb Boss Behavior Explained

Dumb boss behavior explained
Here is what happens. 🙂 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

How To Quickly Convert Among Different Units Using Windows Calculator

Converting units in Windows calculator
The default Windows calculator can do many useful things. Say if you want to quickly convert temperature readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius or Kelvin or say convert time values from days, hours, weeks to seconds, milliseconds and so on, it is possible to do this quickly. To access this conversion features in Windows calculator : 1. Open Calculator (either from All Programs > Accessories > Calculator...

Economy Explained

Economy Explained
Here’s current economy explained in a simple way: 🙂 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});  

How To Enhance Photos In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Enhanced photo with aaphoto in Linux Mint / Ubuntu
Here’s how to enhance photos in Linux Mint / Ubuntu: 1. Issue the following command at the terminal – sudo apt-get install aaphoto 2. After the installation is complete, issue the following command at the terminal to enhance a photo – aaphoto -a ‘<path to the photo>’ In our case, we wanted to enhance a photo ‘Battlefield 3 HD Wallpapers 005.jpg’. Hence,...

Geek Love Explained

Geek love explained
True indeed. 🙂   [ Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

How To Increase Jdownloader Captcha Countdown Limit When Downloading Files

When using JDownloader, it may happen that the countdown for captcha window is too quick to read and enter the captcha characters. In order to extend this countdown : 1. Open JDownloader and select Settings. 2. Select Modules > AntiCaptcha. 3. Change the number which denotes seconds in “Countdown for CAPTCHA window” to something higher like 30 seconds or 60 seconds. All done. From now...