How To Create TCP Dump In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Here’s how to create TCP Dump in Linux Mint / Ubuntu:

1. Issue the following command at the terminal –

sudo tcpdump -i <network interface name> > tcpdump.txt

For example, to create TCP Dump for network interface eth0, issue the folllowing command at the terminal –

sudo tcpdump -i eth0 > tcpdump.txt

using tcpdump command in linux mint / ubuntu

2. You can press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘C’ after the duration for which you want to capture the TCP Dump.

quitting tcpdump utility in linux mint / ubuntu

3. After you have quit the tcpdump utility as shown in step 2, open the ‘tcpdump.txt’ file to view the TCP Dump.

tcpdump output in linux mint / ubuntu

If you are a networking geek and want to decode full protocol, use the following command in step 1 –

sudo tcpdump -v -i eth0 > tcpdump.txt


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