Automatically Create Timetable For Educational Institutions In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

FET is a timetable scheduling application which is helpful to educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities.

To install it in Linux Mint / Ubuntu :

1. Open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install fet

2. Once installed, it will show up in Applications > Accessories menu.

FET installed

To start using FET, there are certain inputs required like teachers, students, activities, duration of each period (time) and others. The main window has several options :

FET main window

Inputting various data is needed to generate a timetable depending upon the requirements :

FET menu options

The inputs like student details, teacher details, activities, rooms and buildings all can be added from the above menu :

FET days schedule

FET subject details

FET teacher details

FET students

FET activities

This is a very detailed and efficient timetable creator for most institutions. It is highly recommended to check the manual page here for understanding and using it thoroughly to create timetables.


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