How To Quickly Enable / Disable Wired And Wireless Networks Using Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal

Linux command line can make all kinds of tasks quicker and easier to complete depending on what commands are used.

Here is a quick way to enable/disable network interfaces (wired /wireless) using Linux Mint / Ubuntu Terminal :

1. Open Terminal and simply type :

sudo ifconfig eth0 down

This disables the ethernet interface (wired one). If ifconfig is run now, there would be no listing of ethernet adapter.

Disable Ethernet Adapter Through Linux Terminal

Basically, the general syntax to enable or disable any network interface through Terminal is :

sudo ifconfig networkinterfacetype up/down

Similarly, wireless adapter can be disabled by typing:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down

To bring these up back again :

sudo ifconfig eth0 up

sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

This is useful when troubleshooting network connectivity issues and is quicker as well as easier to do all by typing in a few commands. 🙂


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