How To Install Firefox 5 In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Here is how to install Firefox 5 on Linux Mint / Ubuntu :

1. Open Terminal and first add the corresponding repository by typing :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable

firefox5 ubuntu

2. Then update by typing :

sudo apt-get update

firefox 5 ubuntu update

3. Finally install :

sudo apt-get install firefox

firefox5 ubuntu install

During the installation, hit N when prompted.

firefox5 ubuntu install complete

All done, once install is complete, you should see Firefox 5 installed on Ubuntu / Linux Mint.

firefox5 ubuntu install done

By the way, this whole three step process of adding a repository, updating and installing the needed package is applicable to all applications which are not recognized by default in Ubuntu / Linux Mint.

Happy browsing using Firefox 5 on Ubuntu / Linux Mint.


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