How To Install And Use Google Picasa In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Here’s how to install and use Google Picasa in Linux Mint / Ubuntu:

1. Issue the following command at the terminal –

sudo apt-get install picasa

Installing Google Picasa in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

2. After the installation is complete, click on ‘Menu>Graphics>Picasa Font Settings’.

Starting Google Picasa Font Configuration

3. The first time that you run the program, you’ll be prompted for choose whether you would like to start Google Picasa by using Gnome’s camera import button. Click ‘Yes’.

Enabling Google Picasa Launch with Gnome camera import button

4. Now, ‘Picasa Font Configure’ windows, you can add addition fonts, choose screen resolution(dpi), and select the default font and size for the Picasa menu. Click ‘OK’ when done.

Google Picasa font configuration

Google Picasa font configuration

5. Now click on ‘Menu>Graphics>Picasa’ to start the application.

Starting Google Picasa In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

6. Read the license agreement and click ‘Next’.

Google Picasa License Agreement

7. Now, go through ‘Additional Terms of Service’ and click ‘I Agree’.

Google Picasa - Additional Terms of Service

8. Enjoy managing your photos with Google Picasa in Linux Mint / Ubuntu!

Google Picasa running in Linux Mint / Ubuntu


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