How To Add Scroogle Search To Mozilla Firefox

Update as of 2023: This add-on is now depreciated

Scroogle is an anonymous and ad-free Google search scraper that returns Google search results but doesn’t store cookies, user preferences and also removes access logs of searches every 48 hours.

Here is how to add it to list of search engines when using Mozilla Firefox :

1. Download the Scroogle SSL search add-on from here.

2. Select Add to Firefox and let the add-on be installed.

Once installed, restart Firefox when prompted. Now from the search engine tab within Firefox, Scroogle should appear among the list of other search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo! etc.

Installed Scroogle SSL Add-on In Firefox

Simply select Scroogle and use it for searching as and when needed.


  1. Ann Serit says:

    Doesn’t really do much. A bookmark to Scroogle is just as effective.

    • admin says:

      @Ann – Just like other search engine add-ons, this one also allows to type query directly in the search box in Firefox and display the results which is a bit quicker then first going to bookmarked site and then typing queries.