How To Troubleshoot Computer Slowness On Windows Startup Using AutoRuns

Too many processes and applications when launched automatically on Windows startup cause slowness as well as increase the use of system resources.

To find out all the details of which programs, processes as well as complete path of programs and registry entries are auto-starting once Windows is started, a useful free tool called Autoruns is available for download by Microsoft here.

Once downloaded, simply unzip the contents and launch the application. It shows all the stuff related to startup as compared to the default msconfig command which is commonly used to remove programs or processes getting launched once Windows starts.

Various tabs are available like Everything, Explorer, Internet Explorer, Scheduled Tasks, Services, Drivers and more so that if you want to drill down to a specific category and see what is being launched at startup and disable it, it becomes quite easy to do so. Example : having to many add-ons in Internet Explorer which aren’t used much can slow down browsing, so they can be located under the Internet Explorer tab and be removed from launching.

Right click on specific processes or entries and either remove them from startup or delete the autorun configuration. It is also possible to locate the full path of various services, registry key and processes making it simple to understand which programs or applications are causing slowness.

This is an in-depth tool if one wants to diagnose and troubleshoot computer slowness based on too many programs getting launched on starting of Windows.



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