How To Post Emails As Tweets Using Twittermail

Here is a cool Twitter based service that posts your emails as tweets.

1.Go to TwitterCounter’s Twittermail and select the Add Yourself button.

2. Enter Twitter credentials and select the Setup your TwitterMail account now.

3. Select a confidential email user name (this will be the email address to which you would be emailing your tweets), enter Twitter password and select what part of sent email needs to be posted as tweet (default is message body, but other options include subject and subject message).

4. All done.

Try sending an email from your email account to the [email protected] selected and watch the tweet get posted on your Twitter account.

From now on, no need to login to Twitter account to tweet, just use any of your emails to send your tweets to Twittermail to post them. Remember to keep the twittermail address super secret else anyone can send tweets to it 😉

Happy Tweeting!

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