Saving Disk Space In Linux Mint Using Localepurge

Here’s how to save disk space in Linux Mint / Ubuntu using localepurge, which will remove unnecessary locale files that are not required by the user:

1. Issue the following command at the terminal –

sudo apt-get install localepurge

2. Now, select the locale files that you want to be retained. These will be locale files for the language that you are using. We use US English, hence we selected to retain EN, EN_US, EN_US.ISO-8859-15, EN_US.UTF-8.

Select ‘Ok’ when done.

3. After the installation is complete, issue the following command at the terminal to free up disk space by deleting unnecessary locale files –

sudo localepurge

4. Localepurge also automatically removes unnecessary locale files as soon as any new package is installed using apt-get.

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