How To Use OnlyWire In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

If you are a regular blogger, chances are that you would be actively posting to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and others in order to gain more visibility.

OnlyWire helps in doing that by automating submission to social bookmarking sites. It has a handy application called the submitter that works well with Windows in posting the links you need to various social bookmarking sites, however for Linux the procedure is a bit different.

If you are using Onlywire on Linux, you would first require to download the submitter from here.

After that, to post the content of your blog to social bookmarking sites, you need to run the following commands every time as per the help guide it has for Linux once you make the config.txt file with your OnlyWire user credentials in the folder as per help guide:

1. Navigate to the folder where the was extracted.

2. Run the command java -jar OnlyWire.jar

We think that doing the above every time to post the content is redundant. Here is where Linux shell scripting can make your life simpler. A brief primer about shell scripting can be found here.

Let’s make a shell script which will do the following :

1. Browse to the folder containing OnlyWire submitter.

2. Once there run the command java -jar OnlyWire.jar

The finished script named as looks something like below :

The OnlyWire submitter in above example is extracted to a folder named onlywire in the /home/avp path which is my home directory.

Make the above script executable by typing chmod a+x

Time to run it :

Type ./ (put the script in a convenient directory and run it from there, here it is on Desktop so run from that folder).

Success ! The OnlyWire submitter has started the submission process and all of this by running just a single script. 😉 .

To close the submitter, hit Ctrl + C to return back to the Terminal prompt.



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