Our Fun Weekend : Blog Moved To New Webhost

This was a fun weekend. We had decided to switch our hosting to HostGator and were pretty cautious regarding the whole site transfer process in regards to any serious disruption or traffic downtime to this blog since this was our first ever experience as far as a complete website move was concerned.

We were however pretty surprised and happy that all it took post purchase of hosting plan from HostGator was a single transfer request and less than 24 hours to move our site from old web host to HostGator with no downtime at all.

This is in contrast to our old web host (who shall remain nameless 😉 ) where automated or canned responses with almost zero clarity regarding root causes were the norm even if there was an outbreak of malicious code that can take a whole domain / bunch of domains offline or a server end misconfiguration which can cause all those funny HTTP error codes.

Cheers to a happier and healthier ihaveapc.com.


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