Add High Quality Games To Websites For Free With GameTreat

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With websites becoming more dynamic and more user focused, it is essential to maintain enough interactive matter for the users so that they keep visiting and as well as find value.

Web apps have now become the norm for everything from business to entertainment, also webmasters find it beneficial to integrate them in their websites plus the distinct benefit of getting repeat traffic because of the user interest.

The GameTreat Web App from is one such app that allows bloggers, site publishers and webmasters to offer high quality game content in their website / blog for free and with no programming / web designing background. All of this is possible by simply embedding the GameTreat Web App code within existing HTML of website where games need to be hosted. This web app once integrated instantly provides free as well as premium high quality full version flash games.

Using the unique GameTanium technology, GameTreat Web App provides even full version premium games that are handpicked plus popular thus overall delivering high quality user experience which is not the case with many other online game apps. There is the viral element too when using this app, users can immediately share their game scores on popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook thereby encouraging more traffic to your website plus getting interested visitors.

The best part about this is that the GameTreat games are totally 100% free because of ad-supported model which translates to earning a traffic based revenue share via advertising from within the app.

This is a win-win situation for all as users enjoy high quality handpicked games for free while your website enjoys more traffic, more brand exposure and increased revenue from the user play time.

So Get GameTreat Now and start hosting high quality addicting flash games that will keep the website users coming back repeatedly and capture their interest.

Now grab the app, embed it and start engaging the users!

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