How To Modify Windows 7 Search Index

By default, Windows 7 indexes some of the folders on your system for fast search. So, whenever the system needs to search these folders for any file, it will just search the index quickly instead of going through the entire folder on the hard drive. If you have a folder that you want to be indexed for faster search, here’s how to modify Windows 7 search index:

1. In Windows 7, go to the control panel and click on ‘Indexing Options’.

2. Click ‘Modify’.

3. Now, expand your local drive and check the folder that your want to be indexed. For example, we have checked ‘C:\dell’ folder for indexing. If you want one or more of the sub-folders to be excluded from indexing, expand the folder and un-check those sub-folders.

Click ‘OK’ when done.

4. Now, click on ‘Advanced’.

5. Click ‘Rebuild’.

Click ‘OK’ when done.

6. Click ‘Close’. That’s it, you have successfully modified Windows 7 search index!