How To Edit PDF Files In Linux Mint Using Open Office

Here is how to edit PDF files in Linux Mint using Open Office Word Processor :

1. First install the PDF import extension from the Terminal by typing : sudo apt-get install

2. Then, open Open Office Word Processor and verify if this PDF import plugin is correctly installed by going to Tools > Extension Manager

The PDF Import plugin should be listed there.

All done, open any PDF document through the Open Office Word Processor (File > Open), it would be available for editing using Open Office Draw.


  1. wese says:

    When using libreoffice, install libreoffice-pdfimport otherwise it won’t work.
    You must remove, if already installed.

  2. RandyNose says:

    Man, this was almost perfect. I imported a PDF, and was able to edit it, but notice that it looked slightly different… It didn’t import the header image from the original.