YapTime Reviewed

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the growth of so many social networking sites, personal information is now easily available and this has serious privacy as well as security implications.

YapTime is a totally free social groups service that allows one to create secure and private groups from which anyone can discuss their social life, share photos and videos as well as plan various group events like birthdays, picnics and so on. The important thing is that these groups allow one to share what they want to share with only whom they want to share making it very transparent and safe.

The biggest advantage of YapTime is that such private groups called YapGroups can be accessed only through invitation so random friends or totally unknown strangers can’t really intrude unlike so many other social networking sites. This also makes it easier to see who is joining the group thereby increasing trustworthiness among group members unlike sites like Facebook where anyone can “friend” someone (especially kids) regardless of whether the requests are genuine or not.

To create YapGroups, simply register with YapTime – that’s it! Once registered, select a room name of your choice and invite your contacts from the address book. No unnecessary hassles of tweaking privacy settings or worrying who is going to start “friending” you.

Other cool thing when communicating via YapGroups is that all of the communication is stored in a central and secure place making it easily accessible unlike emails where one needs to categorize and maintain seperate folders.

The user interface of YapTime is convenient and simple enough for everyone to use regardless of age. Features like inline commenting on photos and videos, calendar to keep track of various events and pop out window that makes threaded communication easy to read and respond to make YapTime easy to use. Also, a unique email address is assigned to each group which makes it easy for all group members to be in loop about various activities and all these emails are auto posted to YapRoom for quick reference.

So YapTime is suited for everyone ranging from families, friends to teams and various social groups. Think of it as your own personal and secure online space where you can communicate freely without any online privacy or security concerns.

Happy Yapping ! 🙂

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