How To Configure Mouse/Trackstick/Touchpad In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Here’s how to configure Mouse / Trackstick / Touchpad in Linux Mint / Ubuntu using GPointingDeviceSettings.

1. Issue the following command at the terminal –

sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings

2. After the installation is complete, click on ‘Menu>System>Preferences>Pointing devices’ to launch the utility.

3. You can now configure Mouse / Trackstick / Touchpad settings to suit your needs. Please note that this utility allows you to configure many advanced settings which are not usually available in default ‘Mouse’ configuration settings in Linux Mint / Ubuntu.

  1. David Stickney says:

    slick, worked great. My mouse was set to the lowest speed yet still was very sensitive, this fixed that fine : ) ignore the haters bro, nice pointer.

  2. linuxisabigjoke says:

    silly of me to expect to be able to configure mouse setting in linux in the year 2013. openbox? what is that? lightdm? this is what exactly? KDE? Gnome? how should I know what I’m running. more importantly, and no linux nerd will ever understand this one: as an end user, WHY should I need to know or care? what is so hard about implementing a GUI for mouse settings? oh, i’ve got to go to the command line? edit a text file? linux is a shambles, a big frankenstein monster which falls apart at the seams before you even get it working. the MOST BASIC tasks are left without a gui and users are expected to type terminal commands over and over for tasks which could easily be scripted and incorporated into the gui. why aren’t they??? linux is UNUSABLE for 99% of people simpy because linux devs can’t grasp the concept that use of command line represents UNFINISHED WORK! It is just sloppy workmanship to present as an alternative to windows something which requires users to learn a whole bunch of crap that they shouldn’t have to just to do basic stuff like change the mouse speed.

  3. mint13 says:

    Let me get this straight… my pointing device does not work, so a GUI is going to save the day… if ONLY my pointing device worked so I might use the GUI.

    Reminds me of Network Support sending e-mail with “… if email is not working, send email to Network Support describing the problem…”


  4. hugo says:

    did not work for me on mint 13 sony vaio z
    can see the pointing devices in menu

  5. cm says:

    Thanks! I can’t do without middle button emulation!


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