An Easy To Use Ping Tool For Windows

Ping is a handy useful tool to check basic network connectivity to different computers, devices or websites that are supposed to be online. In a nutshell, it works by sending network packets to the destination and then getting a response to those different packets, if no response is received for a while than we can see that the destination host is either offline or possibly in trouble.

Although present in Windows ping is more useful for the command line junkies, here is a much more visual and user friendly version of Ping tool developed by Obese Armadillo called Ping-O-Meter which is an oldie but a goodie and a freeware.

Download it from here.

1. Once downloaded, install it by selecting Continue.


2. Click Next to let the installation in default Windows programs directory and once installed launch the program.



3. The program screen represents like a car dashboard  Smile but it is very easy to use.


4. The left screen shows the time taken for current round trip for packets being sent to the remote host while the right screen shows the average round trip time. The colors make it easy to see if the remote host is either ok in responding (green), slow (yellow) or possibly offline to intermittent connectivity (red).

5. For general use, the default settings are more than enough. But they can be changed if needed through Options > Settings (like changing the size of payload sent or the time scale used and so on) but hey that is for the really geeky now. Smile


6 . To start pinging a website or remote host, enter the URL or the IP address and hit Begin.


7. This shows a neat and easy to understand ping test all from the main dashboard.

Happy pinging!

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