Quickly Backup Sticky Notes In Windows 7

The built in sticky notes that come with Windows 7 is a great tool for jotting down to-do lists, event reminders, plans etc. Here is an earlier post that explains how to use them quickly.

As with most utilities, it is important that in case of a total crash or some failure that you have a backed up copy of it to restore as quickly as you can.

Here is how to backup sticky notes to any storage device you want be it a thumb drive, a network shared drive and so on :

1. Go to C:\User\Username\AppData\ Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes.

2. Locate the file named as StickyNotes.snt as shown above.

Just copy it somewhere or point your backup application if you are using one to this path so that it will include backups of Sticky Notes from now on.


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