How To Automatically Extract Or Join Files In JDownloader

JDownloader is a great download manager that supports almost all file hosts. But there is much more to it than just being a download manager.

It contains some cool add-ons that can be integrated so that depending upon the file type that you are downloading, once the download is complete, the files can be either extracted using in-built unrar module or even be joined using the hjsplit module.

(These modules by default are active in JDownloader but to verify them, follow the below steps) :

Open JDownloader and go to Addons > Addon Manager.

Select these two most commonly used addons if not present – JDUnrar and HJsplit by checking the box next to them in the Activate column.

Restart JDownloader. From next time onwards, when the files are finished downloading, they will either be extracted automatically is they are .zip, .rar or other compressed formats or be joined using HJsplit.