How To Use Sticky Notes In Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with in-built sticky notes which become very handy as basic reminder tools.

To access them quickly :

1. Go to Start > Run > sticky

2. This opens a tiny yellow note as shown.

The interface is very minimal, so here are some useful shortcuts to easily use these notes :

The + opens a new note or use Ctrl + N. To delete a note, use the x button or Ctrl + D.

Right clicking on the notes brings up list of colors to choose from for sticky notes.

For editing fonts :

Ctrl + I : Italic , Ctrl +B : Bold, Ctrl + U : Underline, Ctrl + T : Strikethrough

Ctrl + Shift + > : Increase font size, Ctrl + Shift + < : Decrease font size

For making different kinds of ordered lists:

Use  Ctrl + Shift + L keys combination as below :

Once : Bullet list

Twice : Numbered list

Thrice : Small caps lettered list

Four times : Large caps lettered list

Five times : Small caps Roman numerals list

Six times : Large caps Roman numerals list

Basically, the above shortcuts are similar to text editing in Windows Word so they should be somewhat familiar.

The in-built sticky notes do serve the basic purpose of jotting down stuff very well but for detailed use, a specialized application like Microsoft One Note is very cool.

Happy sticky notes posting 🙂