How To Disable Access To Registry In Windows 7

Windows registry is like under the hood of a car.If you know what to look for and fix or tweak, great but when not done right, it messes up the whole system or even worse – stops Windows from being usable at all.

Fortunately, restricting access to Windows registry has become very simple in Windows 7. All that needs to be done is disable access to any of the registry editing tools like Registry Editor and that’s it.

To disable registry access, log in with administrator privileges and go to Start > Run > gpedit.msc


Once there, drill to User Configuration > System and look for the option “Prevent access to registry editing tools” on the right side of the pane.


Double click that option and select “Enabled” and then Apply or Ok for the changes to take place.


To confirm if the access to registry has really been disabled, go to Start > Run > regedt32 and hit Enter to get to Windows registry.The below message should pop up :


All done.

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