Quickly Generate Random Passwords Using FireFox

Update as of 2023: This add-on is now depreciated

Strong passwords are necessary for security as well as data integrity.With so many web applications needing a member registration process, it can be daunting to come up with new strong and unique passwords every time.

Here is where this handy FireFox add-on pwgen comes in.

Download it from here.

1. Click the Add To FireFox tab to begin the installation as shown.

2. Once completed, as with most add-ons, restart FireFox.

3. There will be a ‘P’ icon at the bottom of FireFox window,this is the installed add-on.

4. To generate unique passwords, just left click that icon which will show a random password on top of the icon, it is also automatically copied to clipboard so all you need to do after left clicking the icon is paste it somewhere safe to store 🙂

5. Right clicking the icon and selecting Options allows to set password length, what the generated password should contain (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters and so on). So you can customize it as desired.Also there is a Master Password option as well as the ability to track password history.

This add-on is also extremely useful for IT help desk staff as well as system administrators who need to generate a one time password for a new user created or for resetting an existing user account / password.

Here is the home page for the developer who created this useful tool.

Happy password generating.