Meet WolframAlpha is an extremely geeky and interesting site which looks like a search engine, feels like a search engine but isn’t really a search engine (computational knowledge engine is what the site mentions).

The reason is whatever search queries are entered here, the corresponding results for those are returned from the internal knowledge base instead of querying the web, kind of like searching in a local library.

Say if some sort of quick math needs to be performed (like calculating 90% of 39345 and adding it to 39345), this site will produce clear results along with the method by which it arrived at the answer.

For fun, simply enter any date and it brings up a lot of stuff related to that date :

Or suppose to get seriously detailed information about a particular city or a state or a country, just type the city / state / country name and watch the very cool results that are displayed. History and Geography assignments never have to be boring or tedious again ever 😉

It also features some handy browser add-ons so that the engine is available at your fingertips.

Gathering detailed information won’t ever be boring again for sure 🙂


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