How To Configure And Use Reliance Netconnect Modem In Linux Mint

By default, there is no dialer when Reliance NetConnect modem/data card needs to be used to get online in Linux Mint.

But it is easy to do the same without any ready to use dialer software.

To configure Reliance Netconnect modem or data card to work in Linux Mint :

1. Connect the modem or data card and login to Linux Mint.

2. If wvdial is not installed, install it by using the command sudo apt-get install wvdial

3. Edit the dialer configuration file by navigating to /etc/wvdial.conf .(Right click the file and select Open As Administrator which should launch it in a text editor like gedit or simply type sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf at the Terminal.)

4. Remove the ; at the start of each of the lines for username, password and phone numer (this basically means that the values will now be active for username, password and phone number).

5. Fill in the required details as shown above, usually for Reliance Netconnect the phone number is #777 and username as well as password is the Reliance number assigned to the data card or modem.

6. Save the changes and now open Terminal, type in sudo wvdial.

7. This will begin a sequence of handshakes for bringing up the modem and  connecting to the internet.

8. You are now online, rejoice !

9. To disconnect, hit Ctrl+C, this should send a disconnect signal to the attached modem as shown and you will now be offline.

Happy net surfing 🙂

  1. Dev Kumar says:

    Thanks for providing these tips.I am using Ubuntu.Is this technique is applicable in it.We have lots of 3g data cards available in India with unlimited usage at little higher price but reliance netconnect and BSNL 3g would be a fair choice in terms of speed and coverage.