CodeMyConcept : A Web Designer’s Best Friend

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CodeMyConcept. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a professionally designed website or blog is important but equally important is the ease of use as well as aesthetics for the end users as that’s where the business really is.

CodeMyConcept offers professional PSD to HTML services which reduces the work load as well as time spent by web designers.

A PSD file is a layered file and is proprietary to Adobe Photoshop.Over the time, web design has evolved such that PSD templates can directly be used by web site designers to modify images, manage visual elements as well as modify text based on their web requirements.

Converting a PSD file to standards compliant XHTML/CSS web page requires specialized skills and hence that’s where CodeMyConcept can really help. Services offered by CodeMyConcept come with 100% confidentiality as well as money back guarantee thereby making it an attractive choice in the long run from cost as well as data security perspective.

Also their website includes a list of clients like Intel, Coca Cola, Zippo and others along with a bunch of other services offered like conversion from PSD to CMS (like Drupal and WordPress) as well as PSD to email and ecommerce.The converted code supports cross browser compatibility, is optimized for search engines and fast to load which is what a professional web designer basically looks for.

This helps the web designers directly by saving their time which can be utilized on tasks that urgently require attention as well as help in improving productivity and business costs.Web designers can even outsource their full front end coding to CodeMyConcept and purely focus on other areas of business like infrastructure management as well as user interaction and content generation.

CodeMyConcept hence indeed is a web designer’s best friend because of the time saved as well as the increase in productivity.