5 Google Search Tricks That You Should Know

There is a lot more to searching Google then entering only a search phrase.

Here are 5 Google search tricks that will save you time :

1. Finding the exact definition of a word : To get an exact definition of a word, just type in define:wordname.

This brings up the definition of the requested word as shown below.

2. Find specified document types for a subject : To see pages that contain the search query related information in a specified file format use : search terms filetype:fileextension

Example : To get PDF documents related to web design, type – web design filetype:pdf. This brings up those websites that have related information in PDF format.

3. Find related sites to the one that you are browsing : Type – related : www.sitename.com. This will show the sites which are similar to the site www.sitename.com

4. Get the weather : Using the keyword “weather” with a location will bring up the weather info on top of the search results.

Example : typing – weather london UK shows up the weather info for London as of now.

5. Search specific words in a specific site : Use the allintext: and site: functions to search for specific keywords within a specific site.

Example : allintext:bill site:www.microsoft.com

This searches for the word “bill” within the text of the web pages of site www.microsoft.com.

Hope you found the above tricks useful.

Happy Googling. 🙂