Test Your Computer’s Firewall Online

Firewalls exist for the reason that they shoudn’t allow bad stuff to happen to your system by monitoring all inbound and outbound internet traffic.

Here is a free and quick way to test whether your system is really secure as you think it is because of the firewall you have :

1. Go to www.grc.com and click the Shields Up logo.

2. Scroll down to the Hot Spots zone and click on the Shields Up link to begin testing.

3. Click Proceed to see a list of various types of tests available ranging from port scans to browser headers. For this article, I have selected two of the tests : common ports and file sharing.

4. Click on Common Ports to begin the scan, once over it will show the results as follows :

5. For File Sharing test too, it will show the finished test results as below :

This computer passed all the tests :), the firewall that I use is of ZoneAlarm but the default Windows 7 firewall too does very well when tested.

Happy and secure computing.

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