Linux Command Line Basics: Part 6

In today’s post we’ll learn a few more Linux system information commands. Those who are new to this site can read part 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of this series for better understanding. Let’s get started:

1. ifconfiginterface configuration. This command displays information about the network interfaces in a system.

2. iwconfigThis command is similar to ‘ifconfig’ command but it only displays information about the wireless network interfaces. (You won’t see any wireless network interface in the screenshot as it has been taken inside a virtual machine.)

3. psprocess status. This command shows you all the processes running in the system.

4. lspciThis command lists all PCI buses and devices connected to them.

5. lsusbThis command lists all USB buses and devices connected to them.

6. lshal – This command lists all the devices that HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer) is aware about i.e. most of the hardware connected to your system.

7. lshwThis command lists hardware present in the system including information about manufacturer, device type and where it is connected.

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