Epic Browser: Firefox Meets Super Sidebar

Epic browser is a innovative new web browser released by an indian company Hidden Reflex. The browser is based on firefox and is currently in beta (It however, uses Firefox 3.6.7 under the hood). What really caught our attention was the sidebar on the left side. We were pleasantly surprised by the ideas implemented in the sidebar. Sidebar has the following features(from bottom to top)-

Epic Apps (Sidebar Applications), Add-ons, Downloads, History, Bookmarks, Collections (User can create various collections by grouping together a bunch of bookmarks and assigning a unique name to the groups), Integrated backup to gmail, Integrated games, Job search, Travel portals, Google Maps, Yahoo, Gmail, Orkut, Twitter, Facebook Integration, Timer (with stopwatch and alerts),  To-Do list, Computer Browser, Youtube Integration, Snipping Tool, Epic Write (Wordprocessor inside the browser), Antivirus Scanner (powered by eset), Skins, Indic Text Support, Epic India (Collection of bookmarks related to Indian News, Stocks, Events etc.)

Open the below gif image in a new tab/window for a slideshow of all the above features.

The browser can be downloaded from here. We hope that they release the final version with support for more international languages and with themes for various countries.

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