Cannibals @ IT firm

6 cannibals managed to find job as coders in an IT firm. During induction, their boss says- “You all are now part of a prestigious IT firm. You must behave like civilized people. If you need to eat anything, go to the cafeteria. There should not be any trouble with any of the employees.”

The cannibals assure that they will not cause any trouble.

2 months pass. One day the boss calls all 6 of them to his cabin and says- “I am pleased with your performance. You have worked very hard and met all the deadlines. However, one of our office boys disappeared 2 weeks ago. Do you by chance know anything about it?”

All the cannibals swore by god that they they did not have anything to do with it. The boss is satisfied with their replies and asks go back to their desks and continue with their jobs.

Later, when they are returning home in the evening, their leader asks- “Which one of you ate the office boy?”

One of them timidly replies- “I…”

The leader says- “Damn you fool! All this while we’ve been eating Program Managers, Team Leaders and Managers so that no one would notice it but you had to go eat that office boy..”

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