5 Useful Twitter Commands For All

Twitter in many ways has replaced email, not fully but it does a better job of sending out real time updates as well as status messages.

Here are five Twitter commands that come in handy (just use them like tweeting regular status updates):

1. @username + message : This is like sending out an email to someone with their address in To field.

Example : @ihaveapc This stuff is awesome!

Here ihaveapc is the user id followed by the message in this case of joy 🙂

2. RT username : This is used to retweet the message posted by someone to your own group or those who follow you. Note that there is no @ this time before the user name.

Example : RT ihaveapc

This will retweet posts of user id named ihaveapc.

3. D username + message : This one is for sending out a direct private message to the user id intended.

Example : D ihaveapc Let us reboot some servers today for fun and profit !

This sends a direct message to user ihaveapc regarding plans for world domination [insert evil laughter here 😉 ]

4. WHOIS username : This gets the profile information for any public Twitter user.

Example : WHOIS god

This won’t really tell you who is god but will show the profile information for a user named god 🙂

5.  GET username : Gets the latest tweets posted by specific user mentioned in the username.

Example : GET ihaveapc

This will show the latest updates posted by ihaveapc.

Hope you find these twitter commands a time saver plus useful in your Tweeting.