Vintage Bill Gates Pics

Here are some classic Bill G pics  when computers resembled typewriters and floppies were the in-thing.

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The above pic we kid you not is in reference to a survey done in China among women aged between 25 – 35 about the most desirable sperm,Bill G came in 2nd in the poll results 🙂

Here is the related article,old stuff but still interesting.

Moral of the story : Geeks do inherit the earth.

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The above is the 30 year old Bill G though he looks a lot younger.Look at that computer monitor in the background,looks like those ECG machines they have in hospitals.

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Pretty geeky and cool 😉

The above one has the eerie Office Space/TPS reports feel to it.

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The above one has to be coolest geek pic of the lot.That’s Bill G again in 1977]

Hope you enjoyed this vintage Bill Gates pics 🙂

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