Greenshot: A Nice Free Screenshot Tool For Windows

Greenshot is a cool screenshot tool for windows. It is very easy to use, easy on resources and free. To install greenshot on your PC, follow the following steps-

1. Go to and click on the ‘Download’ button.

2. Double click the downloaded file to run the setup. Choose your language and click ‘OK’.

3. Click ‘Next’.

4. Select your installation directory and click ‘Next’.

5. You can change the name of the folder for the program shown in the start menu if you want. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

6. Review your settings and click ‘Install’ to continue.

7. After the setup completes, click ‘Finish’ to exit. If you want to run the program immediately, leave ‘Run Greenshot.exe’ option checked or you can start the program later by clicking ‘Menu>All Programs>Greenshot>Greenshot’.

8. When you start the program for the first time, you will be asked to select your language. Select your language and click ‘OK’.

9. Notice that a ‘Greenshot’ icon appears in your system tray.

10. Right click the icon to reveal the options available. You can take 4 type of screenshots-

a) Capture region- Press ‘Prt Scrn’ key to activate this option. Left click, hold and drag the mouse to define the area to be captured. At the release of the left click button, the area is captured.

b) Capture last region- Press ‘Shift’ and ‘Prt Scrn’ keys to activate this option. This will capture the region you selected last time but will reflect the current status of the same region on the screen. This option is greyed out if no region was previously selected.

c) Capture window- Highlight desired window and press ‘Alt’ and ‘Prt Scrn’ keys to capture that window.

d) Capture full screen- Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Prt Scrn’ keys to capture the complete screen.

11. As soon as a screenshot is captured using any of the above 4 options, the captured screenshot is launched in Greenshot’s image editor which allows you to annotate, highlight or obfuscate(blur) parts of the screenshot. Optionally, you can also copy the screenshot to clipboard and paste it in an image editor of your choice.

Hope you found the above utility useful.