How To Use ScribeFire For Blogging From Your Browser

1. Check your blog’s settings and ensure that ‘XML-RPC’ is enabled. In WordPress, this is located under ‘Writing’ in ‘Settings’ section.

2. Go to and install the ScribeFire addon for Firefox. ScribeFire is also available for Chrome at

3. After the add-on is installed, press F8 to launch the extension. (You can hide it anytime by pressing F8). Click on ‘Launch Account Wizard’ if it doesn’t start by itself.

4. Enter your blog’s URL.

5. Select your blogging service. You can also add a custom blog.

6. Enter the username and the password used to administer the blog.

7. If everything goes right, you should now be logged in to your blog and you should see your blog’s name and URL.

8. Now select your blog on the right hand side pane and start posting!

This add-on also lets you manage categories, tags and trackback URLs. Hope this add-on helps you save time.

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