How To Repair Your Own Windows

With this cool new tool released by Microsoft,you can diagnose and repair your Windows PC.

It is called Microsoft Fixit and available from here.

To get started,click the Try it now button which downloads a tiny program that on installation collects info about Windows and displays a list of different modules that can be installed as a part of troubleshooting process.

Once the individual modules are selected,you can either opt for a free online Fixit account or leave it alone.

Once the modules are installed,they show up as a dashboard from where you can select any of those which you want help with (like internet explorer not working,computer very slow and so on) and select Run.

Here is what we got when we ran the system slow tool from dashboard :

So there you have it,solve your most common Windows problem at the click of a button and keep your PC always happy . 🙂

Go ahead try the Fixit application,it is cool and quite accurate too in helping you solve the usual Windows problems.

Happy fixing.

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